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Flag Football is a form of American Football in which the players do not wear a helmet or other protective gear. Tackling is also forbidden. Teams consist of 5 players. One team has control of the ball, the Offense. The other team, the Defense, tries to stop the Offense.

The Offense tries to get the ball in the 'Endzone', the last 10 yards of the playing field. If they succeed they score a Touchdown, worth 6 points. The offense has attempts (downs) to get the ball across half of the field. If they do this they get a first down and keep trying to get the ball into the endzone. The Quarterback  can attempt this by either handing off the ball to a runner or by throwing the ball down the field to a receiver.

The Defense tries to stop the offense from either throwing or running the ball. They can do this by either intercepting the ball and stopping it from getting to the receiver, or by pulling of the Flags that hang from every player's belt. When a defender pulls a flag from someone who is carrying the ball the play is stopped and the offense can have another attempt. If the Defense can do this 4 times before the Offense gets a First Down or Touchdown the teams switch roles. 

What is needed to play:

For Flag Football the players need to following gear:

  • Cleats. Soccer Cleats suffice, but there are also American Football Cleats designed for the sport.

  • Mouthguard. This is mandatory for safety reasons. We sell these at our location for € 2,50.

  • Sports clothing. Navy Bue shorts and a t-shirt are enough. During games the club will provide a jersey. 



  • 16 till 18 years of age

  • Full Contact or Flag

  • Teamsport

  • Competition 9 vs 9

  • Training TImes:
    Tuesday 20:00 - 22:00
    Thursday 20:00 - 22:00



  • 19 years and older

  • Full Contact or Flag

  • Teamsport

  • Competition 11 vs 11

  • Training Times:
    Tuesday 20:00 - 22:00
    Thursday 20:00 - 22:00

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