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When you play American Football you need to wear all kinds of protection and clothing. Below we describe what you need to have to complete your equipment. Most of the equipment is available at try-outs. When you become a member you need to eventually purchase the necessary gear yourself. There are different stores where you can buy your gear as linked below. There is also a possibility to Lease gear. You pay off the gear within 1 or 2 years and then the gear is yours. You can also find more information about this at the bottom of the page.  Make sure you always get good advice when buying gear, ask a experienced member of the club to help you if needed. For almost all gear the it is better to spend a bit more to get quality. Don't save on buying a helmet, this is your main form of protection. 

Ridell Speed Helmet

The most important piece of equipment is the Helmet. It protects you from the impact you might receive during tackling. It is of utmost importance that a helmet fits well. The helmet is the piece of equipment you should not save money on, we have often seen that a new helmet is bought after the 1st year of playing. With the helmet belong a facemask. Your position on the field determines what kind of facemask you would like to have. 

Ridell Rival Pads

The other prolific piece of equipment is the Shoulderpads. It is also important that these have a proper fit. Positions might ask for different shoulderpads. A Quarterback might want to have a bit more mobility around the arms for a good throwing motion, while a runningback prefers the better protetion.


A mouthguard is mandatory for protecting your teeth but also to prevent brain damage when your jaw hits itself. We sell these for 2,50 on location. You might also want a fitted one or something that offers a bit more comfort. 


Various pads are mandatory during games. You need to have pads on your wishbone, upperlegs, thighs and knees. There also special pants that have these sown into them.


Shoes with cleats are necessary on the field. If you do not have any grip you will not be able to preform any football activity. There are special American Football shoes that are designed for the different football positions.  Soccer shoes suffice when you first get started. 

nike superbad NFG19091  2.jpg

There are different kinds of Gloves in American Football. Most are made for catching the ball better, having a sticky service on the inside. There also gloves made to protect your hands while blocking. Look into what you need for your position.


You also wear a tight pair of pants and a jersey that fits over your shoulderpads during games. Both of these are provided for you during games. It might be preferable to get your own pants though. 


480,-  OR 20,- p/m for 2 years*

*for condition contact us using the form below

480,-  OR 20,- p/m for 2 years*

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